Independent Kitchen Design In Somerset

typical elevation of a kitchen with details

Add value to your new kitchen though great design

I believe that everyone can have the kitchen of their dreams for the budget of their choice. In the competitive market of kitchens, the size of your budget directly corresponds to the quality of the materials, the game is to balance these elements to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

I want to offer you the luxury of time whilst we design your dream kitchen together. With no agenda, sales pitch or time constraints, we will discuss your needs and desires, creating your perfect kitchen that fits with the way you and your family live for any sized budget whether that be £5K or £50K.

Emily can help to point you in the right direction, discussing the different possibilities with you and offering you an independent and expert guiding hand whether you're looking at buying off the shelf, or commissioning something bespoke.

You will then be armed with plans for your dream kitchen which can be taken to any supplier of your choice, be that off the shelf, online, or your own furniture maker, allowing you to manage your own budget, haggle your own deals and compare like for like prices.

Emily has curated a large Black Book of local cabinetmakers and suppliers so she can help source the best craftsman, appliances and worktops for your style and budget if required (geographical restrictions apply).

By offering design in hourly rather than service packages, it gives you the flexibility to spend the time on the questions YOU have and help you in the areas you most want support and advice. Time is not limited to just these packages, but these will give you a discounted block of time and an idea of what can usually be achieved within each block. This keeps you in control of your budget so you can spend it where you most need it.

Dark Pantry Render

5 Hours - Perfect For Smaller Projects - £300

Those looking for:

✔ Bathrooms

✔ Outdoor kitchens

✔ Wardrobes and Dressing Rooms

✔ Larders or Pantries

✔ Inital layout plans for long term projects/extension ideas before discussing with Architects and Builders

✔ One off Bespoke Furniture Pieces such as dressers, kitchen islands, TV stands or bookcases

additional time available at £60/hr

grey kitchen render

10 Hours - Perfect For Off The Shelf Kitchens - £590

Those looking for:

✔ Standard Kitchen Suppliers such as DIY Kitchens, Units Online, Magnet, IKEA etc.

Design & Layout with 3D renders and annotated 2D plans and elevations

Worktop materials and where to source

Lighting plans so your kitchen looks and works perfectly

Electrical and Plumbing Plans for your builders

✔ Schedule of works so you know which trades to contact and when

Online Shopping List complied or checked for you

Quote gathering for appliances & worktops

✔ Ongoing impartial support & advice throughout the project

additional time available at £60/hr

Framed Kitchen Render in Green

15 Hours - Perfect For Framed and Bespoke Kitchens - £870

For those looking for:

✔ Bespoke and Framed Kitchens from local cabinetmakers

Design & Layout with 3D renders and annotated 2D plans and elevations

Specifying down to the smallest detail to create furniture that works for you and truly belongs to your house.

Worktop materials and where to source

Lighting plans so your kitchen looks and works perfectly

Electrical and Plumbing Plans for your builders

✔ Schedule of works so you know which trades to contact and when

✔ Working Plans created so your cabinetmaker can turn these plans into reality

Quote gathering for cabinetry, appliances & worktops

✔ Ongoing impartial support & advice throughout the project

additional time available at £60/hr

flat woodgrain kitchen with compact laminate worktop

Access to Our Black Book - Supply, Sourcing & Quotes - 10%

At Covey Kitchens we have been carefully curating our Black Book of over 20 cabinetmakers, suppliers and trades which we can share exclusively with Covey Kitchen clients. Unlike other companies who will hide margins of up to 30%, we can gather quotes from our trusted suppliers on your behalf, removing the hassel and confusion for you. We maintain our transparency and independence and you know exactly what you're paying for. With our in depth knowledge of your project, continuity of information helps to reduced confusion and errors.

Quote gathering for bespoke cabinetry

Online Shopping Lists complied or checked for you for off the shelf kitchens

Quote gathering for appliances & worktops

✔ Potential Project Management arranged

✔ Only pay for the quotes you proceed with, quotes are sourced FOC

Single Hour £65

Are you 90% of the way there with a design you have made yourself or in store but it's not quite there yet? I will very happily chat through your designs with you to test your ideas and check that the design will work for you and your family. I can give you some pointers to guide your purchasing and give you that final bit of confidence in your last few decisions.

Site Visit £200

A site visit can be useful to give a really good sense of space and how you move through the rooms. It is particularly useful if you are thinking of moving the kitchen into a different room or moving doorways - something that changes the way you move around your house.

This visit can be added to any of the above packages, however, over Lockdown, I have found Zoom to be an invaluble tool in giving a really good sense of your room so it is completely up to you as to which you would feel happier doing.

Example of a First Design

Penny and Jon are turning their Victorian sitting room into their new kitchen as it has the best connection to their beautiful garden. They wanted a framed kitchen so needed the 15 hour package. Below are some of the images from the design process including the first renders (photographic style images) compared to the final renders, and elevations (2D plans) including an explaination of how I have design for the kitchen to flow and work.

Penny and Jon are now gathering quotes to have this made by a local cabinetry company. They know what they are asking for, what materials they want to ask for, what appliances they need and a realistic idea budget so they know they're paying a fair price. We've also discussed colours and how to choose them, lighting to make this kitchen look fabulous night and day, and which trades to come in to discuss feasibility before we got too far, such as getting water and the Aga into this room which would both be showstoppers for this project.

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Why Pay For Design?

Good design elevates the value of your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally. Most kitchen companies offer free kitchen design services, however, they employ Sales People, not Designers. Their job is to fill your room with as many cupboards as they can in the shortest amount of time. With a kitchen remodel requiring an average of 2,500 decisions and adding up to 6% to the value of your home, The Kitchen Lady strives to ensure that designing and installing your perfect family kitchen is a fun and stress-free experience.

How Does a Typical Project Work?

All design packages start with a free and no obligation design consultation via phone or preferably Zoom. Here we will bounce ideas around together before deciding which design package will best suit your needs and if Emily is the right designer for you. If you decide to proceed, Emily typically will spend half the time drawing up plans based on your conversation. The remaining time is spent bouncing tweaks between you both and advising on purchasing everything from cabinetry to hardware, appliances and worktops, putting shopping lists or working plans together. By the end of the time, you will normally have a comprehensive plans and be ready and confident in what you are purchasing and from which supplier. However, every project is different and it is completely up to you to focus on what you most need help with, you need only ask.

This package can easily be done remotely as well as in person, Emily has completed projects as far away as America.

How Does Remote Design Work?

Before our Design Consultation, it is really useful for you to send some photos of the room or short video if you prefer. I love images, so if you have photos that make your heart flip flop or a big Pinterest Board, send them over! At some point I will need some sizes of your room, whether scaled architects plans or a scribble on the back of a piece of an envelope, I can work from most drawings. I will always get these measurements double checked before purchasing, these are just a guide for me to work from for now.

We will then have a chat together, if you want to use a tablet or phone so you can walk around the room and point, that is brilliant but don't worry if you have a desktop, the photos will be fine. I can always ask if I need more information.

From this point, the design process is the same whether I've been to site or not, drawings will be sent via email and we can tweak and bounce from there.

At what point should I contact Emily?

The earlier the better really! I have been in touch with clients up to 5 years before they are planning to install their kitchen. Getting the rough plan in advance means that you can schedule other work around the final design. How annoying would it be to realise that the ideal location for a cupboard is where you decided to put a window, or that you will have a kitchen island but there isn't power or water installed.

Is The Kitchen Lady UK only for bespoke kitchens?

`No! Emily offers kitchen design for ALL budgets and can advise on where to source them yourself. For those with budgets £20-100K, Emily can help to find the perfect cabinetmaker for you to work with to deliver your dream kitchen

Where Can I Read Reviews About Emily's Work?

You can see what others have said about Emily on her reviews page or on Google .

How long does it take until I can have my new kitchen?

It normally takes around 6 months from the first hello to the final goodbye but any timescale from 3 months to 5 years is normal. The design phase can take around 3-4 weeks with manufacture taking 6-12 weeks, finally installation will take another week or two and then you're in!

Does The Kitchen Lady UK Supply Kitchens?

The Kitchen Lady UK primarily offers design work for clients to use a supplier of their choice. However, we have a Black Book of over 20 cabinetmakers, plumbers and electricians around Somerset who we will happily recommend as well as help gather quotes from on your behalf for bespoke kitchens.

For off the shelf kitchens, we have several suppliers who we can recommend for you to approach, and for online kitchens, we have priority quoting with some so that we can get quotes faster for you during busy times.

We can also help with some appliance and worktop sourcing on your behalf if required.

Anything is possible, just ask!