Green Policy

We care about the environment and do what we can in the office to keep things green, but we also want to help you to create an environmentally conscious home.

We don't just talk about design and how to make things pretty, we make sure that you're buying a kitchen that is the best quality for your budget so that it will last as long as possible.

It's not just a kitchen, it shapes so much! How you interact with your family, how green you can live, how much you enjoy cooking and therefore, your diet, energy and lifestyle. We don't just design kitchens!

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We work from our own homes so no commuting or heating extra offices (also our furry friends enjoy the company nearly as much as we do!) With fewer site visits too, there are fewer car visits driving to site or staying in hotels overnight.

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The house has fully eco friendly bulbs, is well insulated and has 100% of the electricity comes from renewable sources.

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Our kitchen designs are focussed around YOU and your family. Because we are not being paid commission, if your kitchen is looking too big, we will tell you.

A bigger kitchen than necessary wastes resources, it will only be filled with more pots, pans and food.

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Everything is done digitally from our designs to admin to banking, so minimal printing is required

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We know about the Science of kitchens, not just about making it look pretty! We know where to find the eco friendly worktops, the best carcass materials and storing your food naturally, without electricity.

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We will ensure that you are buying the best quality kitchen for your budget so that it lasts as long as possible. There is no point getting brilliant carcasses that will last 15 years if the runners and hinges break in 2.

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