About The Kitchen Lady

An Independent Kitchen Designer

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Great Design For Everyone

The Kitchen Lady was started in October 2017 under the name Covey Kitchens to offer great kitchen and home design to everyone. By offering both remote and in-person design option, Emily can design for any budget and any location.

Based in Taunton, Somerset, Emily offers her design skills on an "as much or as little" basis to cater for every budget.

What's not to love?

What do you do exactly?

A Helping Hand

Everyone deserves good design, it elevates the value of your home both aesthetically and functionally, making your life easier. Emily offers a holistic and practical approach to your home, giving a guiding hand, usually only found in showrooms, to create a space that fits around you and your family. You will be presented with high quality 3D drawings to bring your new space to life before giving you enough support to feel confident sourcing your own suppliers and managing your own budget.

We don't just design kitchens

It's not just a kitchen, it shapes so much of your life!

How you interact with your family

The layout of a kitchen hugely affects interperson interactions. By creating a social space, you can teach the children to cook through just being in the room with you whilst you help with homework or art projects. You can chat to your partner after a long day at work or catch up with friends whilst you prepare them lunch.

Allowing independence for children, elderly or disabled through design is also incredibly empowering, one of my proudest kitchen designs brought a wife/carer relationship back to a husband/wife relationship after many years of a debilitating illness (read about it here). If children can reach the crockery, they can help lay up or get breakfast for themselves, grow in confidence and develop their skills.

How green can you live

It's the small actions like recycling that make a difference, but if it isn't easy, then it won't be done. If the kitchen is the size you need and no bigger, it wont be filled with excess pots, pans and tins of food. It is these design decisions early on that will shape the eco footprint of your home.

How much do you enjoy cooking

Cooking needs to be fun and having a logical layout so everything is where you need it is so important. It quickly gets dull trapsing across the room AGAIN for another utensil. If you enjoy cooking, then you'll eat healthier, your body will reward you with energy and better mood, amazing you with how much easier life feels.

So you see, we don't just design kitchens!

Are these kitchens expensive?

Online and Off-the-shelf Kitchens

Great design is for everyone and for every budget. For those looking to buy an online kitchen, it can be a daunting process but gives you incredible value for money. Emily can help guide you through the design and purchase process so that you feel confident in what you are buying. We now offer a quoting service from our Black Book which you can find more about in our design packages.

Bespoke Kitchen Design & Sourcing

For bespoke designs, Emily loves working alongside local English cabinetmakers, supporting the amazing talent in Somerset. She has curated a large Black Book of local cabinetmakers and suppliers so she can recommend the best people for your style, timescale and budget if required. Combining her designs and their skills, they can compete against the design and quality of internationally recognised British kitchen names such as Tom Howley, Plain English, Smallbone and DeVol, but without the heafty price tag.

Why Use The Kitchen Lady

By using The Kitchen Lady, you are getting a personal, experienced service that is available throughout the duration of your project and beyond. With a wealth of experience working with older homes and period properties, you can be sure that each kitchen, cabinet and home design will respect the character, age and quirks of your home.

From bouncing a few ideas around over a cup of tea, or having Emily walk you through your whole kitchen project, you can be sure that she will always be ready to help.

Meet the Team

Emily head kitchen designer at The Kitchen Lady UK
Charlie Assistant Kitchen Designer at The Kitchen Lady UK

Head Kitchen Designer

Emily is a qualified designer with a degree in design from Loughborough University, specialising in Inclusive Design (design for disability), as well as having experience working for luxury kitchen names DeVol and the Chalon; the latter where she was head designer for the South-West for two years before leaving to set up The Kitchen Lady in 2017.

Assistant Kitchen Designer

Charlie brings her years of experience working with off-the-shelf kitchens. She loves turning peoples thoughts and ideas into solid designs that work for the whole family.

In her spare time she enjoys textile design and has previously commissioned her own designs to be printed onto fabric before turning them into curtains for her home.

PROJECT | Emma & Dave knew that they needed a new kitchen but didn't know how to start or how much to budget for. They phoned me to chat through their first steps and together we came up with a plan of action.

THEY SAID | We're going to get the builder in first to see what building work is feasible and what cost implications those adjustments might have first before getting carried away with tempting ideas! Thanks for your help and we’ll see what happens!